Our Programs



Ai ATM’s provides all the services necessary for the ATM at the customers location(s). This includes maintenance, paper, cash monitoring and replenishment. Ai ATM’s and the customer share the commissions based on the location(s) volume of transactions.



The customer purchases their own equipment through Ai ATM’s and is responsible for their own cash monitoring and replenishment. With this program, the customer receives 100% of the surcharge earned. Ai ATM’s provides the customer with transaction processing as well as full technical and reporting support. The customer will also have access to our 24/7 technical support.



Ai ATM’s installs our own ATM at the customers location(s). Ai ATM processes all the transactions and provides 24/7 technical support. The customer is responsible for cash monitoring and replenishment. Ai ATM’s and the customer share the surcharges earned based on the location(s) volume of transactions.

Sell/Buy Bitcoin On Your Existing Portfolio Of ATMs.

Instead of buying a separate bitcoin ATM, you can now download software to your terminals remotely and sell cryptocurrency on your existing portfolio of ATMs

Benefits to ATM Operator

  • Make your ATM a destination for a new set of customers
  • Easy to implement with no hardware required
  • New revenue stream on every transaction
  • No disruption to existing ATM operations
  • Increase exposure to your ATM location with the Bitcoin ATM Locator
  • Turn Bitcoin buyers into repeat customers at your locations
  • Cryptocurrencies currently supported: Bitcoin

Customer Features

  • The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin in the world
  • Great way for new customers to enter the world of cryptocurrency
  • Receipt with cryptocurrency public and private keys and transaction details
  • Transfer cryptocurrency to your existing wallet with a simple QR scan
  • Additional cryptocurrencies available as popularity increases

Financial Considerations

  • ATM operators earn revenue on every cryptocurrency transaction
  • Our partner

Bit CoinCash

Who We Are

Ai ATM’s is a family owned and operated company with offices in Hudson County, New Jersey and Miami, Florida. We are a team of expert ATM technicians and customer service providers that sets Ai ATM’s as one of the best Independent ATM Deployers (IAD’s) on the East Coast of the United States. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, the moment you reach out to us we will provide you with everything you need to make this process as easy for you and your business as possible. We strive to drive our business with a family culture and do our best to maintain that same relationship with our customers. Call us now!


Why Us

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 Ai ATM’s deliver’s a full spectrum of ATM products and services including processing, maintenance, and cash management. With over 10 years experience in the ATM industry, we have extensive industry expertise.

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Ai ATM’s has partnerships with industry leading processors that provide efficient and flexible monitoring systems for all our customers. With real-time access to your terminals, it has never been easier to view real time transactions and the status of your terminal(s). Right from our Affiliate Login page, you can log in into your designated processor and see ALL of the necessary data on your terminal(s)

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24/7 Customer Support

Ai ATM’s monitoring supervises all problematic situations that may arise and we provide rapid follow-up within hours of any incident. We insure that all errors are to be resolved properly and in accordance with our company’s highest standards and protocols.


Our Services

ATM Placement

ATM Placement

Ai ATM’s purchases and provides all of the services for the ATM machine at your location(s), including cash replenishment. Client and Ai ATM’s share in the ATM surcharge based on the number of transactions* Not all Locations qualify

ATM Repairs

ATM Repairs

Ai ATM’s is dedicated to providing repair services on all entry-level retail ATM’s, including Genmega/Tranax, Nautilus Hyosung and Triton.

Cash Management

Cash Management

With the Ai ATM’s cash vaulting program, your cash is no longer locked inside of a machine. We load your machine with our cash and offer the most competitive rates in the country. Allow us to worry about cash loading and forecasting. Just receive your monthly commissions and concentrate on running your business.