ATM Business for Sale Florida

Our goal is to ensure that anyone in need of cash can get it—anywhere, at any time.

We accomplish this by placing ATMs in various businesses.

Ai ATMs has a national network of ATM Technicians, installers as well as network to provide cash management services. Thereby, we offer the ability to access cash and digital currency without the need for a bank.

ATM Services

We offer ATM placement and maintenance services for businesses who want to provide the convenience of an ATM in their establishment. We also provide consulting and assistance with building your own full-service ATM Business for Sale Florida. Moreover, we also offer various ATMs for purchase and ATM full service technical support.

ATM Placement

We offer full-service ATM solutions based on your business needs. We will place an ATM inside your location, manage the transactions, oversee ATM maintenance and provide you with additional revenue from our placement of this machine.

ATM Business

Ai ATMs offers a full-service solution and support to help you manage your ATM business. We have 24-hour technical support with experienced technicians who can help you with any issue. In addition, our real time online portal is also available to provide reports, commission analysis as well as monthly/yearly financials.

ATM Machines

ATMs are designed to last and withstand heavy use in any environment. The ATMs have small footprint and have a large screen for ease use for all customers. Our ATMs can now handle the sale of digital currencies.

Bitcoin Sales

Purchase Bitcoin directly from our ATMs. Why have two separate machines taking double the footprint? Our ATMs can dispense cash as well as sell digital currencies all from the same machine!

All of the ATMs are User-friendly!

They are easy to use and accept all major credit cards and debit cards (including cards issued by foreign banks). So no matter your reason for needing cash—whether it’s a trip abroad or an unexpected expense—we make sure you have access to your money. If you’re a merchant interested in adding an ATM or need technical support for an existing one, contact us today and get an ATM installed today!