Wireless ATM Modems

One-Stop Solution for All Your Wireless Needs

Do you want your ATM to keep functioning if your store internet goes down? Are you looking for a backup should your credit card machine stop working? Do you want to be able to restart your ATM without having be at the ATM to unplug it?

Ai ATMs is an authorized reseller of the industry’s leading ATM Wireless modems. Run your ATM on a separate, independent internet connection, and don’t stress about your ATM losing its’ connection. For a low monthly price, maintain 100% of your ATM. Add a remote restart, and reboot your ATM remotely, without having to physically be at the ATM. Unlike RMS reboot options, the Restart allows you to reboot ATMs even if their operating system is frozen.

Your ATM Will Work Perfectly

By having an independent connection, your ATM will not depend on the location’s internet connection. Don’t worry about if their internet is paid. Don’t worry about faulty wiring. Don’t lose transactions! Don’t lose Bitcoin sales!

Add GPS Protection

Monitor GPS movement, tilting, power disruptions, and door open events via text and email. Supplemental I/O ports can integrate with auxiliary devices such as sirens, providing the ability to trigger audible alarms to scare off would be thieves in the event of an attack.

Authorized Reseller

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