What is the ATM process?

Start Your Own ATM Business

Buy your own ATM from Ai ATMs. We provide the most competitive prices in the market and will assist you with the entire process, from installation to cash loading. Our fees include delivery, installation, programming and training on how to manage and use your terminal. Highly skilled technicians will bolt your ATM, train you on how to use it, and provide 24 hour technical/customer assistance.

Get 24-hour Technical Support with Our Maintenance Plan

Ai ATMs is proud to offer a convenient maintenance program. This program can be purchased for a small fee per transaction. This service includes all labor costs associated with future maintenance needs.


Start your own ATM portfolio and collect surcharge income every month! Ai ATMs provides 100% of your commission. Zero Fees

Build a profitable portfolio of ATM locations! We provide zero fee transaction processing benefits and real-time access to all of your terminals via our online portal.

Monitor Your Terminal Online

With Ai ATMs, you have full access to your terminals via an online portal. Check your balances and review transactions in Real Time. Grow your portfolio with the best tools in the industry!