Frequently Asked Questions

ATM’s increase your profits and adds value to your customer service. Consider the following:

  • You receive income every time a customer uses an ATM
  • Customers appreciate the added service and that helps create customer loyalty
  • Industry research shows that customers who use a store’s ATM tend to spend more in that store
  • ATMs often reduce credit card usage and that reduces the store owner’s credit card fees
  • An ATM can decrease or eliminate the need to accept checks

Money withdrawn from your ATM is re-deposited back into your bank account daily. You will receive all money withdrawn today within 24 to 48 hours via ACH (that is why we need a voided check). During the installation you will be trained to load the cash in your ATM. As necessary, you will withdraw funds from your bank and replenish the ATM. The load frequency can be determined by you based on how much cash you load.

You keep 100% of the surcharge collected on withdrawal transactions from your ATM equipment. Ai ATM’s will accumulate your monthly ATM surcharge earnings and mail you a check or direct deposit your commissions.

YOU DO! Today, the typical ATM surcharge is $2.00 to $3.00. You set the surcharge on your ATM equipment and Ai ATM’s does the processing work. You then collect the money!

First, your customer withdraws cash from your ATM machine. Next, the cash is withdrawn from the ATM customer’s account and is ACH deposited into your bank account. Finally, you withdraw the cash from your bank account and load the cash into your ATM machine. The cash cycle then begins all over again.

There are several factors that need to be considered in loading cash into your ATM.

  • How many transactions are expected?
  • Is this a payday week for my customers?
  • Are there any special events scheduled in the area?
  • How much cash will the average customer withdraw from the ATM machine on each transaction?

Determining your initial load may seem difficult but, it becomes easier each week as you gather statistical history. Here are some step-by-step helpful tips:

  • Estimate your transactions as a % of foot traffic
  • Our experience shows that the average ATM withdrawal is around $80 per transaction
  • Consider adding 20% – 30% additional cash to your cash load (missing a transaction because your ATM is out of funds not only causes customer annoyance and deters customer confidence, it also keeps you from earning transaction fees)
  • Ai ATM’s provides you access to on-line reports and real time data to let you monitor your ATM’s activity and cash balance
  • If your ATM machine is running short, you can always add more cash
  1. Every ATM sale or ATM machine lease includes:
    • ATM Machine (Ai ATM’s offers Nautilus Hyosung, Triton, GenMega and Hantle ATM’s)
    • Free Shipping
    • Professional ATM installation (optional)
    • Free 24/7 ATM equipment technical support
    • Real-time internet reporting

You are responsible for:

  • A dedicated internet Connection for the ATM machine.
  • Dedicated electrical source for the ATM machine

Yes! Ai ATM’s takes great pride in providing our customers with unmatched customer service for ATM sales. Whether you need ATM technical support over the phone or an emergency afterhours service call our service department is available. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff offers unsurpassed customer service.

A processing program requires you to buy the ATM and manage the cash loading while Ai ATM’s handles the processing of your transactions. Because you own the ATM and manage it, this option gives you the maximum possible revenue from your machine. If you would like an ATM in your location without the capital costs or maintenance hassle, Ai ATM’s can qualify you for an ATM placement. For this option, Ai ATM’s will pay for and manage all aspects of the ATM from maintenance to cash loading. We then share of percentage of the surcharge revenue with you.

There are no additional statement fees, service charges, or transaction fees.  If you purchase the ATM you will need to pay a one time charge for the ATM that includes the programming, delivery, installation and training for you to operate the ATM.  If it is our machine, you pay for the electricity but it only uses about as much as your credit card machine.  We do not use phone lines.  We only use the internet due to the speed of the transaction and reliability.  If internet is not available we have the option of a wireless router using IP over cellular communication.  Depending on the agreement, we may provide this for you or if you own the ATM we can provide one for a flat monthly fee of $24.95.

If you own the machine you don’t pay any transaction fees, network fees, bank fees or processing fees.  We pay all of this for you.